The Cold Heading


          Accurate Rivet Mfg. Co. has been in business for over 25 years.  Accurate Rivet specializes in producing solid, semi-tubular, and special rivets.  Accurate Rivet works with all material, such as, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver, silver nickel, and many others.   Our company is best noted for its work with stainless steel: 302, 305, 430 and we also do work with 410.
          All of our products are made to the Fastener Standard.  Accurate Rivet Mfg. Co. is here to meet your needs as a consumer by customizing to your prints and specifications.  We offer complete tractability on all of our products and are confident in our abilities to meet your needs.
          We are capable of working with diameters as small as .028 (1/32) and up to 3/8(375)solid only. The maximum length under the head we can produce is 3" semi-tubular.  We do our own degreasing and polishing but all of our plating is done by outside sources that specialize in the different finishes.  All of our tooling is built by our own tool and die makers which makes for better quality and quicker turn around time for those “rush” jobs. Quality fasteners, exceptional service, and the desire to please makes Accurate Rivet Mfg. Co. the smart choice.  We are confident you will feel the same.